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Full service tech support and training available to all customers in the Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan areas. Tech support offered by the manufacturer for customers that live in other areas.

Medium Sized Engraving Machines

Tired of handling large engraving projects using too small of an engraver? Your frustrations are about to end as it is time for you to upgrade to our Medium Engraving Machines. Slightly larger than the Vision Express 810, our medium format engraving machines are perfect for mid-size projects and applications. Starting with the Phoenix 1212 to the 1624 Pro, our medium size engraving machines are a perfect blend of size and functionality.

If your looking for a medium size machine with more horsepower and a stronger gantry, then the Vision 16 Series with table sizes range from 16″ x 12″ to 16″ x 24″ is what you need. Available options include a high-speed NSK spindle and Unist Misting System, which allow you to deep engrave stainless steel and other hard metals.

phoenix 1212

1612 Pro

1612 Pro

  • – 16″ x 12″ engraving area with aluminum T-Slot table.
  • – Optional “Deep Vise” for engraving items 3 1/4″ thick.
  • – Red laser pointer for easy set-ups
  • – Quick Lock Vise for holding materials in place
  • – Aluminum T-slot table with ruled edge guides

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1624 pro

1624 Pro

1624 Pro

  • – 16″ x 24″ engraving area with aluminum T-Slot table.
  • – Red laser pointer for easy set-ups.
  • – Quick lock vise for holding materials in place.
  • – Aluminum T-slot table with ruled edge guides

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Phoenix 1212

Phoenix 1212

  • – 12″ x 12″ engraving area with aluminum T-Slot table.
  • – 3 1/4″ Deep Vise for engraving items (Optional)
  • – Red laser pointer for easy job set-up
  • – Electronic sensor for auto surface setting


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Want to See a Demo ?

instavision engraving training scheduleWant to see these engraving machines in action? We provide full support, training and on site demos. Call to schedule your InstaVision demo with Great Lakes Engraving Solutions at (419) 787-3882. We also Our office is conveniently located in Toledo, Ohio. However, we can serve customers in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

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