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Full service tech support and training available to all customers in the Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan areas. Tech support offered by the manufacturer for customers that live in other areas.

Laser Cutting System

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Serving the Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana areas.

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– 25″x 18″ (635 x 458 mm) working area.
– Closed-loop DC servo control for precise and fast movement of the lens carriage.
– Reliable DC excited CO2 laser.
– Pass-through doors to accommodate over-sized objects.
– Unique and user friendly features.

Download more product information:laser cutting system specs

X380 metal laser engraver cutter ohio



– Spacious 38″ x 24″ (960 x 610 mm) working area
– Closed-loop DC servo control for top notch precision and fast movement of the laser carriage.
– Pass-through doors for easy cutting of extra large objects
– Industry leading cutting quality.
– Unique and user friendly features.

Download more product information:laser cutting system specs

X500 reliable laser engraver michigan


– 50″ x 36″ (1290 mm x 916 mm) Extra space in your work area.
– AC Servo Motor Technology for precision movements.
– Ultra reliable GSI DC excited CO2 laser.
– AAS Module performs automatic graphic contour tracking and cutting
– Perfect quality cuts.
– Unique and user friendly features.

Download more product information:x500 laser cutter oh

Gaia II in ohio

Gaia II

Gaia II

Committed to meet and exceed your laser cutting and engraving needs.

– 51″ x 36″ (1300 mm x 916 mm) working area.
– The adjustable acceleration feature enables higher productivity.
– AC Servo Motor Technology for precise movement control.
– Laser Pulsing Technology for accurate laser firing control.
– Easy to maintain.
– AAS Module – the automatic graphic contour tracking system.

Download more product information:gaia laser cutting machine

Want to See a Demo of our Laser Cutting System?

Call to schedule a demo of the GCC laser cutting system with Great Lakes Engraving Solutions at (419) 787-3882. Our office is conveniently located in Toledo, Ohio. However, we can serve customers in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

  • We are the first company to offer live demos.
  • We can come to you! No travel is required.
  • Customized for your project or application.
  • The easiest way to see how GCC laser cutting systems work.
  • 50% off on-site training or free 2nd session of training.
  • Live demos allow you to watch while you are at the office or at home. The only thing you need is a phone and internet connection. We will walk you through on how to use the laser cutting equipment and software.

GCC Laser Cutting Systems – Innovation with a Human Touch

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