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Full service tech support and training available to all customers in the Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan areas. Tech support offered by the manufacturer for customers that live in other areas.

On-Site Demonstrations/Engraving Machines, ADA Signs, Industrial, Institutional Signs, Wood

Great Lakes Engraving Solutions offers On-site Demonstrations of engraving machines for many different applications at no charge. For industrial engraving into parts made of metal, polymers and many other different types of materials, ADA signage, awards, institutional, serial plates made of aluminum, stainless steel or other types of metal and many other applications. Call Doug at 419.787.3882 or e-mail at

Great Lakes Engraving Solutions New Showroom Open

Great Lakes Engraving Solutions new showroom is now open at 2445 N. Reynolds Rd. in Toledo, OH.  We offer demos of many of our engraving machines in our showroom.  Demos are available by appointment only. Receive a demo credit if you purchase a machine from our showroom.  Call today for more details.  See representation of the full line of vision engravers and laser engravers in person!

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