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Full service tech support and training available to all customers in the Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan areas. Tech support offered by the manufacturer for customers that live in other areas.

4×8 CNC Machine for Sale

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new 4x8 routerWe are proud to introduce the VR48 CNC Machine by Vision! Just in time for your new engraving projects for 2014.

This large 4×8 router is incredibly accurate, affordable and is built for many years of hassle free use. Whether engraving is your profession or just a hobby, having the right tool can save you time and money. That is exactly what this machine does.

Featuring state of the art Vision Series 4 Controller and graphically advanced software, this machine can do just about anything, such as engraving high quality small text, milling, drilling, contouring and routing.

VR48 CNC Machine Features:

  • Large 4×8 routing area
  • NEW Series 4 Controller with hand-held pendant
  • Ethernet interface
  • Aluminum T-slot or vacuum table available
  • 10″ Z-axis stroke
  • Onsite demo’s available to customers that live in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan.
  • Made in the U.S.A for 30 years
  • A limited 1-year warranty

 Cutout letters  Routing out wood signs
 Control panels  ADA-compliant signage
 Cutting out sheets of material up to 4′ x 8′  2 1/2D and 3D signs in sign foam
Wood Engraving And Much more

VR48 CNC Router / Engraver 

VR48 CNC Routing Machines Specifications:
Software Vision Express Vision Express standard (Expert or Pro optional)
MAX. Work Area 51″ x 98″
Standard Spindle Power 3 HP
Z-Axis Stroke  10″
Spindle Type  3.25 HP Router Motor or Engraving Head
Resolution / Speed  0.0005″ – 10″/sec
Table Type Aluminum T-slot
Interface  Ethernet
Controller Series 4 High-speed Controller
Warranty 1-Year Limited
Power Requirements  110V 5 Amps/ Single phase 220V 50 Amps
Physical Dimensions 75″(W) x 125″(D) x 72″(H)
Series 4 Controller Dimensions  13.5″(W) x 16″(D) x 4.5″(H)
Weight 2,500 lbs
Additional Options Automatic Braille Inserter, DACS (Digitally
Aligned Cutting System), Vacuum Table,
4.4 HP & 7HP Spindles, *3D Engraving Software
Made in the U.S.A. Yes

Want to see this CNC Machine in Action?

large router ohioCall to schedule your InstaVision demo with Great Lakes Engraving Solutions at (419) 787-3882. Our office is conveniently located in Toledo, Ohio. However, we can provide demos of the 4×8 CNC machine  in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

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